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Human Movement Analytics

Creating an intelligent personal assistance and safeguard systems to get you home safely.

Closed Loop System works with industry to create tools so that human movement data can be analysed and utilised to best improve your workplace.

Introducing iPass

iPASS (Intelligent Personnel Assistance and Safeguard System) by Closed Loop GPS, is a unique world class Human Movement Analytics Platform. Setting a new benchmark for the provision of oversight and safety management for a multitude of industries.

Our advanced metrics and incident trigger platform is compatible with the ever-changing landscape of modern technologies from fixed data provision services, through mobile applications and IoT use cases such as wearable technology. Using the latest integrated API’s iPASS is adaptable to future proof your organisation against advances and emerging methodologies giving you a seamless Management, Mitigation and Maintenance strategy for the visualisation of employee movements. Compliant with advanced encryption standards iPASS focuses on its primary objective of bringing you home safely.

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