Maintain accurate, timely and accessible data turning it into real management information. Data, specifically the ability to organize, manage, process and utilize that data has become a competitive differentiator. (Deloitte 2017) Providing auditable reporting for the model WHS act in an easy and manageable way.

Traveller Activity by Distance - DEMO ONLY

For workforce visibility, iPASS is outstanding in its level visual granularity, accuracy, and simplicity with ever growing functionality Closed Loop GPS, is your natural partner for advanced human movement analytics.
Designed and developed in Western Australia iPASS provides:

  • Deep diagnostics to help you quickly detect triage and identify potential issues with your personnel
  • Rich user telemetry and deep ability to cross reference multiple data sources to give a layer vector style visualisation of data in any environment.
  • Diagnostics that you need to gain visibility
  • Detection of anomalous situations before they become an incident
  • The breadth of data to quickly find personnel, diagnose potential problems and drill in to find the root cause.
  • Deep insights into human movement behaviour and performance