Managing employee health and wellbeing takes many forms. iPASS, our intelligent personnel assistance and safeguard system, allows you to measure the key metrics of personnel wellbeing in the field. By notifying the appropriate managers once certain triggers have been activated, iPASS provides a structured escalation methodology that manages personnel welfare encouraging a strong safety culture.

Flexible and adaptable, our platform can be easily integrated into business practices across all industries including mining, oil and gas, education and medical, in both metropolitan and remote locations in Australia and around the world – all from a single platform that can integrate with any fixed, satellite, mobile or IoT device.

Over time iPass will be the new benchmark for worker welfare analytics, our advanced metrics and reporting platform provides a greater level of welfare monitoring, which can be utilised by a broad range of industries, and has special significance for workers in remote or unsupervised environments.

Our fully automated system increases the productivity of control-room staff, safety officers and line managers – all while adding to the visibility and safety of operational staff, ensuring data is retained and reported appropriately for Work Health and Safety assurance audit purposes.

Information can be retrieved quickly and accurately using iPass features such as the interactive summary screens which deliver you the best results possible in a timely manner. Most importantly our executive summaries let you know quickly how many workers are potentially at risk in real-time.