Risk mitigation is the cornerstone of all WHS practices, iPASS allows the business to be on the forefront of commercial practice by using well defined easy to use processes, that are repeatable in any mine site or remote environment. Our technology uses real time visualisation to allow for fast and accurate incident response and personnel management.

Closed Loop Systems - Digital Reporting

Around the world, one mission remains consistent: the safety and wellbeing of employees. iPASS assists in managing personnel welfare across industries as varied as medical, education, mining, oil and gas, throughout metropolitan and remote locations.

The iPass platform has been developed in Western Australia, by Closed Loop GPS, to help create an adaptable and personalised service. Working within existing business processes to better your visibility of human movement and to support that through deep analytics.

With one of the most advanced platform integration methods, Closed Loop GPS can provide you constant visibility and reliability through seamless integration with Wi-Fi 3,4,5G, or satellite connectivity – a complete solution for an organisation with a large geographical footprint. Gain visibility no matter where your workers are.