Are my staff lone workers?

//Are my staff lone workers?

What classifies my staff lone workers?

The answer is clearer than you would first believe. Physical isolation isn’t the only determinant of lone worker situations. In fact, Safe Work Australia defines a lone worker in very broad terms “A worker may be isolated even if other people are close by”. The guidance note goes on to suggest remote or isolated workers include:

  • All-night convenience shops, and petrol station attendants
  • Real estate agents and mobile sales reps
  • Long distance drivers including freight transport
  • Agriculture
  • Park Rangers
  • Field workers
  • Health and Community workers with members of the public but isolated from their colleagues (mobile nurses and at home doctors)

If you have workers in these environments its time to start thinking about their safety. Technology is improving at a rapid rate, and business can be slow to keep up with the best and most efficient methods of utilising those technologies. At Closed Loop Systems we’re passionate about creating methodologies that works with your organisations internal business processes ensuring you are using the best combination of systems and are getting full functionality out of your technology.  Whether you would like to improve safety systems or ensure WHS compliance Closed Loop Systems has a methodology that can work for you.

Section 19 of the WHS Act charges a person conducting a business or undertaking with a “Primary Duty of Care” and requires them to eliminate risks in the workplace, or if that is not reasonably practicable, minimise the risks so far as is reasonably practicable. With no room for mistakes, it is essential that business keep up with the requirements of WHS. Closed Loop Systems has developed a method of risk mitigation that is inherently auditable and is easy to integrate with, or replace current safety systems and procedures.

At Closed Loop Systems we love to hear how businesses manage their lone workers and primary duty of care. If you would like to share your story, contact us at

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