Human Movement Analytics is interwoven into so many management systems, from right person right job, permit to work, journey management, lone worker management, blast radius clearances, collision alerting, fatigue management, dehydration alerting and many more applications in  mine site safety. Closed Loop Systems provides intelligent solutions utilising new technologies to give you a seamless and streamlined process. We aim to provide you with maximum functionality, providing information when you need it, fast!

iPass, an intelligent solution

iPASS is our intelligent personal assistance and safeguard system, that works with you to ensure the safety of your team.

For workforce visibility, there are no other methods with the same level of accuracy, simplicity or functionality than Closed Loop Systems GPS. Our single goal is to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure success, with a truly “Intelligent Personnel Assistance and Safeguard System”, designed and developed in Western Australia.

iPASS is a fully auditable system that is effective across 95% of the globe. It does away with tedious and often ineffective paper-based systems and creates a method where managers can see all their travellers on one screen. iPASS can ensure the safety of remote workers in a way no other system can. It has unique safety features including stepped incident escalation from frequent ‘check in’ messages right through to a full SOS response.

iPASS aims to provide the features you need, when it matters most: 

  • Deep diagnostics to help you quickly detect triage and identify issues with your traveller
  • Rich user telemetry with deep analytics and scalable environment
  • Diagnostics that you need to gain visibility
  • Detection of anomalous situations before they become an incident
  • Breadth of data to quickly find the traveller, diagnose the problem and drill in to find the root cause
  • Deep insights into traveller behaviour and performance