Risk management has become part of the everyday process for educators right from early childhood through to tertiary environments. Not only are the documentation requirements more onerous but the situations educators find themselves in can be stressful and sometimes threatening. Closed Loop Systems makes the risk management process smoother with our active real-time human movement analytics with fully automated reporting suites to comply with all documentation requirements that support successful risk mitigation audits. Closed Loop Systems seeks to simplify risk management and safety solutions for schools, allowing teachers to get back into the classroom without the burden of stressful reporting systems.

iPASS is an intelligent personnel assurance and safeguard system, that aims to simplify safety procedures across a range of industries. iPASS focuses on personal customisation giving you only the relevant information to simplify and distil complex management systems. iPASS uses the latest technologies to build an advanced human movement analytics system, that can assist you in everything from emergency response to mapping and reporting.

Closed Loop Systems aims to help you adapt and change as technology improves and making sure your students are not left behind.

Human Movement Analytics and the Classroom

Human movement analytics is a constantly developing field. As the utility of such analytics improves, so does its applications. Where ever there are people on the move, human movement analytics can help. Through our simple executive summaries and our detailed analytics Closed Loop Systems proves a risk mitigation and management system that speeds up classroom risk management.

It’s important to keep our kids safe, and it is important to provide the best quality education. Closed Loop Systems allows teachers to get back into the classroom safe in the knowledge that their students will be looked after when they are learning and exploring outside of the classroom.