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Closed Loop Systems

Who are we?

Through our passion for safety, we create and produce platforms that streamline human movement analytics. With iPASS, Closed Loop GPS can increase the visibility of personnel on the ground, reduce the stress of employee welfare checks and incident response. All the while, reducing the need to rely on multiple systems with complex and often ineffective fail safe’s. We contribute positively to the reduction in occupational health and safety management workloads, whilst increasing accountability and productivity.

“Our vision is to see you home safely”

Closed Loop GPS prides itself on high quality design and architecture, we create technology that converts highly complex ecosystems into easy to use and operate systems, maximizing productivity without compromising safety. We are a turn-key service provider who, as part of our quality offering, will partner with our client organizations to implement and assist in ongoing human movement analytics, train personnel and provide ongoing support to your organization.

For workforce visibility, there are no other methods with the same level of accuracy, simplicity or functionality that Closed Loop GPS offers. We provide a point to point robust methodology with inbuilt redundancies, that ensures the highest quality of information with minimal effort from client staff resources. Our single goal is to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure success, providing high quality and useful human movement analytics.

Our Methodology

Closed Loop Systems works with a three M’s methodology, managemitigatemaintain. By using the three M’s we can ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible and truly provides all the human movement analytics you need.


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